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Mercedes Benz Service Care

Mercedes Benz Service Care

The Mercedes Benz servicing costs have come under fire over the past several years, some might say unfairly but that's all right for those those who are able it to state. However, Mercedes Servicing prices have changed some what throughout the last couple of years after they introduced fixed price affordable servicing, however some from the servicing when due can seem confusing occasionally. This is their explanation have introduced SERVICE CARE which is a far better option, enabling you to maintain a tight grip in your servicing costs.

Mercedes maintenance

The Benefits of Service Care

Your Service Plan will probably be set and Guarantees the price which you pay today may be the price for the next 2 or 3 services, simply put payments wouldn't increase even though inflation does.

A hard and fast Monthly cost makes it easier so that you can budget by enabling to spread the expense of the servicing. The flexibleness that Service Care provides you with is you can take your vehicle to your Mercedes Benz Official Workshop for a Service, even the Service Care Plan could be fully transferable to a new owner if you sell your Mercedes Benz, providing the plan is covered in advance.

The entire Service Care Package may be built to be comprehensive in the cover it provides, yet simple in how you can handle and pay for it and it is available more than a period of time that matches the needs you have.

What's included: Service Care covers the expense of all manufacturer recommended service items which appear on the Electronic service Sheet and any Additional Operations that are Mandatory according to age and mileage. Such as spark plugs, air conditioning filters, combination filters, brake fluid and transmission servicing.

An Electronic Service Sheet is produced for each service due at that time, these indicate which services due and any additional Operations that could be required. This can sometimes seem just a little confusing but there are several items that are merely replaced every two years as well as four years, this will not included an automated transmission service that is due at 37,500 miles irrespective of age.

Mercedes maintenance

I hope this information has been helpful to you and it can save you money in the long run. That which you must remember would be that the price is set and won't change on the agreed period.